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Background of Oz Lotto

Initially, Oz Lotto began as a regular 6/45 lotto game. Players were required to choose 6 balls from a range of 45. Similar to a lot of lotteries in operation, the game grew with time; a 7th ball was included in October 2005.

When the 7th ball was added, the Oz Lotto was given another name also in specific regions of Australia, such as Oz 7 Lotto and Super 7’s Oz Lotto. Oz Lotto is among the few lotteries globally, where 7 figures are drawn from similar ball set.

Play Oz Lotto Online -
Play Oz Lotto Online -

Playing Oz Lotto

In order to play, Oz Lotto players should choose 7 balls from a potential set of 45. So as to become winners of the jackpot prize, players should match each of the 7 drawn numbers. Apart from the 7 drawn balls, 2 more balls are drawn also, called ‘supplementary numbers.’

These 2 additional numbers form more prize tiers of divisions 2,4 and 7.

Huge Jackpots and Oz Lotto Rollovers

Oz Lotto has a fairly small beginning jackpot of $2 million Dollars. Despite this, in the history of Australia, it has the honorable reputation of having experienced the 2 hugest lottery jackpots. 

Oz Lotto has a restriction of 25 continuous draws. In case there is no winner of the jackpot, the money is allocated to the second tier.

When Oz Lotto should be played

The draw for Oz Lotto is carried out each week in Melbourne and announced on TV Channel 7 at 8.45 pm (AEST). The game is held on Tuesdays, once each week. There is an overall of 7 prize tiers called ‘divisions’ in this Australian lottery.

Playing Oz Lotto Online

It is possible to buy official lotto tickets from Oz Lotteries online. This is among the most reputable and trusted online lotto retailers in Australia.

You can remain confident knowing that there is a guarantee your tickets will enter the draw, your financial specifics are kept safely and any prize cash will be deposited into your account in three weeks in case you become a winner.

Also, you shall obtain notifications regarding results after every draw, together with the winning numbers. In the event that you have won a major prize, the Oz Lotteries team will call you personally. 

What to Play and When

Monday Lotto

Monday Lotto has existed for a long time; it guarantees at least a $1 million Division 1 prize pool each week for up to 4 winners. In case there are more than 4 winners of Division 1, the prize of $4 million will be split equitably between the winners.

For one Monday Lotto game, you need to select 6 numbers ranging between 1-45. To become Division 1 winner, you should match the 6 numbers you chose in one game with the draw’s 6 winning numbers.

Oz Lotto Tuesday

Oz Lotto presents a famous nationwide lottery which offers an assured minimum $2 million prize pool of Division 1 and a huge jackpot of $100 million!

One Oz Lotto game requires you to select 7 numbers ranging from 1-45. To become a winner of Division 1, you should match the 7 numbers you have selected in one game, with the draw’s 7 winning numbers. At least 3 winning numbers are required to win Division 7, which is the lowest, as well as 1 supplementary number.

Wednesday Lotto

Similar to Monday Lotto, this lotto guarantees a minimum $1 million prize pool for Division 1. In case an excess of 4 winners are available for Division 1, the prize of $4 million shall be split equally among the winners.

During one Wednesday Lotto game, you should select 6 numbers (1-45). In order to be a winner of Division 1, you should match the 6 numbers you have selected in one game, with the draw’s six winning numbers. To become a winner of the lowest division, 1 winning number is required and 2 supplementary numbers.

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